Direct Staffing

Clinical Communications provides Speech-Language Pathology staffing solutions to education and healthcare settings in the greater Houston area. Our success is credited to focusing on client needs and concerns, as well as valuing our committed staff.

We offer bilingual services, as well as supervision of SLPAs and CFs.

Please Contact Us regarding your staffing needs.

Speech Teletherapy Consulting

The success of a speech teletherapy program is dependent on a well developed implementation plan. Our first hand experiences have provided us with an unprecedented domain of knowledge and exposure. Successfully developing and implementing a speech teletherapy program for clients is our goal.

Each proposal is individually tailored, and may cover areas such as:

  • Identifying the program's vision
  • Outlining desired objectives and success factors
  • Understanding current obstacles
  • Engaging available resources
  • Presenting a detailed plan
  • Recommending appropriate equipment
  • Educating key stakeholders
  • Enlisting and training a committed team
  • Monitoring program effectiveness
  • Offering a performance improvement plan

Challenge Us!

From staffing to training, we do our best to identify the highest quality professionals in specialized areas of speech-language pathology. Over the years, we have assisted clients from a wide range of cultures, ages, and disorders.

We have also proudly been involved in research, data collection, special projects, and community service.

Please Contact Us regarding your needs.

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